Welcome to Science Laboratory Inventory

About Sciencelabinv project

welcome to sciencelabinv, an inventory and order managenment system built to help science departments in schools and colleges to organize their inventory and the way they order items (chemical and equipment) for their practical sessions.


The system is built for a managing science laboratories in high schools, focusing on sorage management and lesson orders management.

The system suggests that the Science Department is composed of many buildings e.g. Biology Room, Chemistry Lab1, Store Room,...etc. These Buildings (rooms) contain various types of stores e.g. cupboards, fridge, shelves and the room itself, ...etc.

chemical and equipment (reffered to as items), are stored in the stores according to certain specificatios like being a flammable the item will be stored in a flammable cupboard, an acid would be stored in an acid cupboard and so on.

Teachers make orders for thier practical sessions each order contains many ordered items which are the chemical and equipment needed for that certain session

Technicians can see all orderes from all teacher in order to get them prepared prior to their sessions

For more help on getting/installing/using the system please click on help at top right of this page

May you have any questions please e-mail me: yasir.elsharif@gmail.com


The programs used in building this project are:

  • Ubuntu, Gedit, Bluefish editor, phpmyadmin, PHP, MySQL, apache, Virtualbox, phpmaker,